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Take back your health!

Tired of struggling with the frustrating, painful, and embarrassing symptoms of candida overgrowth? I was there too. Chronic yeast infections, digestive issues, skin rashes, brain fog and more.

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Are you ready to take back your health?

Let's kick your candida overgrowth to the curb!

In our work together, we'll dig into your personal root causes, making targeted shifts to your mindset, stress, lifestyle, and nutrition to support healing and long-term health. Not only do we want to "kill" the candida, but we want to make sure we also change the environment in your body so it doesn't just come back again. This work gets personal. In addition to shifts in nutrition & lifestyle, we’ll look at where your thoughts may have played a role in holding you back from healing. You’ll leave with tools and life-long skills to better support your mindset and future growth.

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I’m a firm believer that while the candida diet has general rules & guidelines to follow, it’s not a one-size-fits-all plan. It needs to be customized to your needs. As a child, you knew instinctively what your body needed. We all seem to lose that along the way as we’re taught to not trust our instincts. In our work, you’ll re-learn how to listen to the messages your body has been sending you (often through your physical symptoms). Then you can begin to work in partnership with your body and give it what it needs. (I’ll help you through this process!)


I learned this all the hard way in my own healing journey, and it's now my mission to help you uncover your root causes and underlying emotional and mindset blocks to healing. It's incredible to see the shifts that occur when you finally start to feel connected to your body & in control of your health again!


  • You struggle with yeast infections or feel bloated and anxious

  • You’ve researched candida diets and felt overwhelmed

  • You don’t understand WHY you should eliminate certain foods

  • Your doctor rolls their eyes at the mention of candida and ignores your concerns

  • You’ve been diagnosed with candida but are lost about how to treat it

  • You feel out of control of your body

  • You’re sick and tired of being sick and tired


  • Guidance, support & accountability from someone who has actually been there

  • Simple & delicious recipes to support your healing

  • To understand the connection between stress, mindset, and nutrition so that you don’t end up here again

  • Someone to actually listen to you and take your concerns seriously

  • To better understand the phases of a candida diet & how to tackle them

  • To identify your root causes and eliminate your symptoms

  • To finally FEEL BETTER and in control of your body again


Here are the highlights of the work we’ll do in three months:

Here are the highlights of the work we’ll do in three months:

  • Identify your goals & milestones 

  • Navigate the candida diet with support

  • Shift negative thought patterns

  • Examine the stress in your life and gain tools

  • Make nutrition shifts to reach your goals

  • Set boundaries with yourself and others

  • Gain important tools around mindset, manifestation, and intention setting to help you achieve the life you desire

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  • Weekly 1:1 zoom calls

  • Unlimited text messaging between sessions

  • Recommendations for books, apps, supplements, exercises, meditations, and more

  • 2-3 candida-friendly meal plans throughout our time together, targeted for your health needs and goals. All plans include ingredient/grocery lists and delicious, healthy recipes

  • Handouts & supplemental video lessons to expand your knowledge around key topics and much more.


  • What’s the next step to work with you?
    Schedule a discovery call! There will be a short application to fill out once you select your call time. These calls are free but there is a $50 no-show fee, so be sure to schedule a time you can attend.
  • What’s the cost of coaching?
    On our discovery call we'll discuss the investment of time, energy, and finances, along with all that's included in the coaching program.
  • What are your credentials?
    I'm certified as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I've also taken advanced courses on gut health and have gone through the process of healing myself from candida overgrowth, along with numerous clients, too.
  • Do you offer one off sessions?
    At this time, I only work with clients in a 3+ month container. My goal as your coach is to help you thrive and reach your personal goals through establishing new healthy habits and routines, as well as shifting your nutrition and mindset. While I've offered one-off sessions in the past, they don't offer the ability to dig deep enough to help you make that kind of transformation. By offering coaching in 3-6 month containers, we have the ability to make real change that lasts.
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If you're ready to go, sign up today!

You deserve to feel better. You deserve to get your life back. It can all start today with signing up for a discovery call!

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Her compassion and encouragement helped me grow tremendously.

"My health journey started over 10 years ago and I have seen every practitioner imaginable without much success. Working with Shannon was a pivotal moment in my healing journey. Knowing she had been through the same health issue and can relate to me on a physical and emotional level in regards to this situation was a huge help. Her compassion and encouragement helped me grow tremendously and I now have the tools and the confidence I needed to live a life free of recurring infections!"

Angelika B.


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