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Are you tired of suffering from frustrating or painful symptoms?

I was there too, suffering from yeast infections, digestion issues, anxiety, skin rashes and brain fog. I rewrote my health story – and I’ll help you do the same!

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Say “Adios!” to your candida symptoms

Ready to say goodbye to your candida overgrowth? I help women fight yeast infections, bloat, and anxiety by focusing on nutrition & mindset to help them feel like themselves again.

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Here are 3 ways I help people get out of a state of stress so they can start to feel amazing:

Work with Shannon


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Get the guidance, plan, education, support and accountability you need to finally overcome your candida overgrowth & take your life back.


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Let’s kick your candida in an intimate group setting with a coach & others who understand your struggles and are healing along with you.


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Take your healing into your own hands with made-for-you meal plans & guide books to help support you in your healing journey.

Hi there, I’m Shannon!

I'm a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, matcha latte addict, mama, and wellness fanatic. 

I help women struggling with anxiety and their vaginal and gut health so they can finally feel like themselves again. Together, we’ll focus on your nutrition, mindset, stress management, and all the little habits that make up your routines. I know deeply what it feels like to have to advocate for your own healthcare and to feel unheard or even shamed in conventional healing spaces. After years of suffering, I healed from this holistic, multi-faceted approach, and now it’s my mission to help you do the same.

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My experience in the Adios Candida Hello Balance coaching group exceeded my expectations. The education, support, and health practices I received were extremely valuable and have re-set my health towards continual healing and vitality. Everything I've gained in the group has been a launch pad for the rest of my life. I'm in a completely different (and better) place compared to before starting this program, such that I am now able to view my future in a new & more optimistic light. Thank you, Shannon, for sharing your gifts and guidance!



I can't wait to dig in and work with you!

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