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Travel Essentials for a Healthy Gut

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I just returned from a month-long RV trip with my husband, toddler and dog (are we crazy?). It was a whirlwind month of travel to 17 states – from Los Angeles, to the east coast to visit family, and back again.

Traveling in an RV presents certain….challenges (like storage space!), but traveling during a global pandemic complicated things even more. It meant that we tried to really bulk up ahead of time on groceries and other essentials, limit our visits to the store, and maximize the space we had. I also packed as many immunity-boosting things as I could to keep us healthy and thriving on the road!

Here’s a roundup of some of the key things I made sure to have on this trip to support my gut health and overall immunity. Heads up, there are some affiliate links in this post. If you happen to click through my link and make a purchase, I make a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks for supporting me and my blog!


From supporting my digestion while overindulging a bit on foods I don’t normally, to building up my immune system, these were my heavy hitters!

  1. Immugen – one of my secret tools to boost my immune system. My mom always gave this to me when I was a kid (she still sends it to me today to make sure I’m stocked up on it!)

  2. Turmeric – natural anti-inflammatory that helps support your immune system.

  3. Multi-vitamin – I am still taking a pre-natal vitamin, but this brand has a lot of great options!

  4. Digestive Enzymes – These are my secret weapon to fight bloat and tummy upset, especially after eating things on vacation that my body isn’t used to.

  5. A shelf-stable probiotic. I love this Saacrhomyces Boulardii from Jarrow Formula.

  6. Cured Nutrition CBD – I’m loving “Zen” and “Aura”

Non-Toxic Skincare & Personal Care

These skincare items were must haves for me! From sunscreen, to brightening oil to help with sun spots, to my favorite cleansing balm, and even some light makeup to make myself feel a bit more put together after long days of traveling, I highly recommend these clean beauty products They’re void of hormone-disruptors and toxic chemicals, which are in most conventional skin care products and are quickly absorbed by your skin). These are all clean, safe, and most importantly good for your GUT!

  1. Countersun Mineral Sunscreen – using toxin-free sunscreen is SO important for your gut health!

  2. Counter+ Lotus Glow Cleansing Balm – super moisturizing and cleansing – 2 functions for the price of 1! This was my biggest MUST HAVE on this trip, and in general is my #1 skincare FAVE.

  3. All Bright C Serum – This little yellow bottle has literal magic inside of it. In just a few months it’s begun lightening dark spots from pregnancy, and overall has my face feeling glowy and bright.

  4. Overnight Resurfacing Peel – A NATURAL skin peel (don’t worry it doesn’t actually peel or get gross). It works over night to help brighten dull skin and leave my skin’s texture looking soft and healthy.

  5. Oral B 8000 toothbrush – this thing stayed charged for an entire month! I LOVE the iphone app that pairs with this toothbrush to help you make sure to really get the most out of each brushing. Dental health and gut health are soooo closely related!

  6. Flawless in Five – this is a super simple and straightforward makeup set from BeautyCounter. Includes 6 key items to help you feel flawless in minutes. I am NOT a makeup person, and I’ve been loving this little 5 minute morning routine to help me feel a little more alert and put together for my early morning zoom meetings and virtual coaching calls.


A few of my favorite go-to snacks for a long travel day on the road, or for when I’m craving something sweet but don’t want to overdo it on the sugar.

  1. Purely Elizabeth Ancient Grain Granola Bars – my favorite granola brand now has these awesome bars that are great for travel!

  2. Larabar Apple Pie flavor – refined sugar-free, only whole, real food ingredients.

  3. Hu Kitchen chocolate (great alternative for s’mores!)

  4. Smart Sweets peach rings – no refined sugar or sugar alcohols, only 3g of natural sugar per package (stevia).

Matcha Essentials

Even on the road, I made sure I had everything I needed for my morning gut-healing matcha!

  1. Travel blender – This USB-charged blender is perfect for matcha (or juices/smoothies) on the road!!

  2. Aiya matcha – 100% my favorite matcha brand.

  3. Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

  4. Organic liquid stevia – the only sweetener I’ll use in my matcha or coffee drinks

  5. Ashwaghanda – this is a key adaptogen to help with stress responses in your body. I love adding to my morning matcha.


Traveling during a pandemic meant a LOT of spraying down surfaces and washing our hands!

  1. Branch Basics All-Purpose Cleaner (use this link for $10 off your first order! I definitely recommend getting the whole Starter Kit!)

  2. Branch Basics Hand Soap

Toddler Nutrition Essentials

Some of my favorite toddler nutrition essentials, especially for those long travel days. I feel really safe and happy giving my daughter all of these brands!

  1. Mama Chia pouches – we get these in all the different flavors. She loves them (I actually do for me too!)

  2. Noka Superfood Smoothie pouches – I LOVE the combos in these pouches. Key superfoods for her mind and body.

  3. Serenity Kids veggie pouches – I’ve been a fan of Serenity Kids since I met them at the Natural Products Expo when Frankie was only a few months old. Their veggie pouches are unique in that they don’t include ANY fruit, and she LOVES them. They have helped round out her meals numerous times to help me sure that she has key veggies and nutrients at every meal.

  4. Vitamin D – super important vitamin that many of us are deficient in. Covid cases have also been linked to a deficiency in vitamin D.

  5. Miltivitamin – With a picky toddler who is more selective about what she’ll eat now, it’s important for me to use this to make sure she’s getting all her essential vitamins

  6. Toddler probiotics – supporting gut health from an early age is KEY!

What would YOU add to this list??


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