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4 Candida Healing Myths

There seems to be so much mystery around the Candida diet. I see so many myths, half-truths and absolutes (“you MUST do THIS” or “You can NEVER do THAT!”) floating around on the internet.

The simplest explanation for all the mixed messages is that what works for one person’s body doesn’t always work for another’s, so its led to a lot of confusion. It’s a concept called bio-individuality.

More importantly, it’s very rarely just one thing that needs to shift in order for you to heal. It’s multi-layered, and takes time to peel those layers back. Stress, diet, gut dysbiosis, hormonal birth control, a history of antibiotics, and so much more can be at the root of your symptoms.

Let’s take a minute to clear up some of the biggest myths I often hear:

1. Probiotics will fix everything.

Probiotics will likely help you, but it is more complicated than that. Your body actually has to get to a healthy enough state for probiotic to even be effective. We often don’t actually starting probiotics early on into the diet until your body is in better shape for them to be effective. There are also many different strains of probiotics that each have their own benefits and potential side effects, depending on your symptoms and root causes.

2. Cut out all sugar & carbs and you’ll heal.

While cutting out refined (and sometimes even natural) sugar for some time could make a dent in helping you fight candida, it’s very rarely the only thing you’ll need to do. I find many people think they’ve been on a “Candida diet” by simply eating sugar-free. Going sugar-free will probably make you feel good, but it may not be enough to make you truly heal.

3. Candida isn’t real, don’t waste your time.

If your doctor, friend, or family says this to you… tell them they’re behind the times. It’s real. Candida lives in everyone’s bodies. And candida overgrowth is a real condition that is known to cause many health issues, from yeast or skin infections, to brain fog, anxiety, autoimmune conditions and more. Don’t let yourself stay sick forever because of this limiting belief.

4. You’ll be on the diet for the rest of your life.

This is simply not true, and actually not healthy for long-term. If you have been on it long-term, we should talk.

There’s a difference between gut healing and gut health. Gut healing is short-term and may involve food restrictions and supplements. But gut health is a long-term way of life. After going on a candida diet you may not return to your old diet 100% again. But it’s not because you aren’t allowed to, You may discover that you have food intolerances that you’ll wish to avoid moving forward, or you’ll more likely just start to make healthier choices to support your gut and overall health (and believe it or not, you’ll want to!). We often restrict more during a period of healing, but variety in your diet is SO key for a healthy gut long-term. Our ultimately goal is to get you to a place where you feel freedom around your food choices and eat foods that you enjoy and that make you feel good in your body.

What other candida diet myths have you heard?


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