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Why You Need To Hire A Health Coach

Do you ever wonder why it’s so difficult for you to make healthy changes to your diet or routine, but no matter what, you can’t stick to them?

Think about smokers. Most people by now know that smoking is bad for you – it can even kill you. But do people still smoke? Yes. Do people try to quit but many struggle to actually do it? Yes. Why is that? In this day and age, it’s likely not because of a lack of information. We all have access to google and Web MD.

The constant stream of information that tells us how to live healthier lives can start to feel totally overwhelming. You may have an understanding of what you SHOULD do, or where you want to eventually be, but HOW do you get there? WHERE do you actually start? That’s where a health coach comes in.

While a health coach comes with a wealth of information, too, that’s not where our strength truly lies. If you really wanted to, you could spend hours and hours googling and studying what we’ve learned in school about nutrition and health. What a health coach offers you more than anything–or anyone–else is transformation.

What is a health coach?

A certified health coach works with you as a “guide on the side” as you navigate your personal health journey. As a health coach, I’ve been everything from a cheerleader, to an accountability buddy, to a co-detective, teacher, partner and a sympathetic listener for my clients.

Health coaches work to design a plan that is right for YOU — given your specific health challenges, current symptoms, and most importantly: your goals.

Our work is separate from (though often in partnership with!) medical, functional or naturopathic doctors, dietitians and other health practitioners.

Most medical doctors get only 10 minutes or so of face time with you. They may tell you that you need to “lower your cholesterol,” or “cut down on refined sugars,” or “to try to get more healthy fats into your diet,” or maybe that “you really need to exercise for 20 minutes everyday.” But their guidance typically stops there — they just don’t have the capacity, and often lack the proper training, to help you actually implement behavioral changes like these. Plus, if you want more time with them it’ll cost you ($$$…).

A health coach is trained to help you implement behavioral changes in your diet, lifestyle and routine.

We’re skilled in lifestyle management techniques. We look not only at your health, but at limiting beliefs in your life that may be hindering your ability to make change on your own. We help you learn how to not only SET goals, but to actually REACH them and make real change happen.

Not sure what your goals are? That’s OK. We help you hone in on what’s most important to you so you can gain clarity and direction.

Want to have more energy to play with your kids? To stop feeling sluggish and feel more confident in your body? To feel more empowered in the kitchen? Want to cut the intense sugar cravings that you feel are controlling your appetite? These are examples of goals we focus on when working with you.

What does it mean to be a “holistic” health coach?

A holistic health coach is trained to help look at your life in a “holistic” way — that is, to look at ALL the parts of your life (health, career, relationships, finances, creativity, aspirations, home environment and more). We look at how each of them are interconnected. If one of these areas is really out of balance, you’ll likely see that reflected in your health in some way. We help you navigate your way to health by evaluating all of these pieces and seeing where we can find more balance and alignment in your life.

What about the investment?

Investing in a health coach can seem like a luxury to some — perhaps seen as an added, or unnecessary expense.

But if you are someone struggling with a heath issue or needing to make a change like any of the below (only a small fraction of the reasons to see a coach!), then a health coach is 10000% a worthy investment. If you’ve been trying to make change and haven’t been successful, then it’s time to make an investment in yourself.

Choosing to invest your energy, time and money in a program with a health coach is one of the best things you can do for yourself — you’re really just investing in YOU. What is more important than that? I’m waiting…

Plus, you’ll walk away with tangible tools and life skills to help you sustain your health and well-being long after your time working together.

Some reasons to hire a health coach:

  1. chronic yeast infections or thrush (candida overgrowth)

  2. brain fog, low energy, headaches, poor memory or feeling sluggish

  3. digestive issues like bloating gas, constipation, IBS, Colitis, SIBO

  4. acne, skin rashes, eczema

  5. acid reflux or GERD

  6. leaky gut

  7. autoimmune diseases

  8. infertility or hormone balance issues

  9. weight gain or loss that you can’t get under control

  10. cravings you can’t seem to cut on your own

  11. You don’t understand what foods are best for YOUR body, and which ones trigger uncomfortable symptoms

  12. You don’t understand the messages your body sends to you & want help decoding them

  13. You lack confidence in the kitchen and want support around meal planning & prepping

  14. You lack direction or want support around setting life & health goals and tangible steps to help reach them.

  15. you want more support around implementing healthy habits that stick

  16. you want to gain or lose weight

  17. You’ve been on a healing journey for so long and are feeling frustrated and stuck about what to do next – nothing seems to work!

  18. you’ve been told you need to lower your cholesterol

  19. you’ve been told you need to eat more vegetables/fats/proteins, etc, or to cut out certain foods from your diet

  20. you’ve been told to implement a new diet (ie: vegetarian, plant based, elimination, low-sugar, paleo, keto, candida, etc) and want support

  21. you want to eat healthier and don’t know where to start

  22. you want to establish a morning routine to start your day

  23. you want to establish a workout routine you can actually stick to

  24. (and so many more!)

Interested in working with a coach?


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