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The Ultimate Gut-Friendly Gift List 🎁

It's that time of the year again...My Holiday Gift Guide is here!

Don't know what to buy your loved ones with gut issues?

Can't figure out what to include on your holiday wish list?

Searching for the perfect gift for your girlfriends? I've got you!

This year, I've rounded up some of my favorite gut-friendly, non-toxic, safer products to enjoy. Whether you're gifting for someone else or treating yourself, you'll love the many holiday deals & discounts on this list!

For the gut health fan:

  1. The Holiday Gut Health Guide My Holiday Gut Health Guide is back and better than ever! This guide includes healthy recipes & ingredient swaps, tips to help digestion, simple lifestyle tips to support your health & lots of ways to navigate complicated talks around food and boundaries with family and friends during the holidays. And it's on sale! Get it here

  2. Arrae's Bloat Arrae has been one of my favorite supplement brands for a couple of years now. Their BLOAT supplement I've found to be wildly effective (especially to help support digestion after a heavy Thanksgiving or holiday meal!) Save 25% on orders over $100! Try it here

  3. 7 Day Gut Health Reset You may not be thinking about gut health or your diet too much during the holidays, but how about a little reset to your nutrition & habits in the new year? Jump on this never-before-offered deal & start when you're ready to dive in! The 7 Day Gut Health Reset self-paced course offers short video tips, a 7 day gut-friendly meal plan with recipes & grocery lists, and lots of resources to help you shift your mindset, nutrition, and yes, YOUR GUT HEALTH in only 7 days! Get it now for 40% off, the lowest it's ever been, only until 11/28! Use code HOLIDAY22 here

  4. Kean's Gut Test Stop guessing what's going on in your gut & start testing! Kean's in-depth microbiome tests give you personalized results with actionable takeaways that can bring about measurable changes in your health. Use code ADIOS_CANDIDA15 for 15% off! Test your gut here

Ready to switch to safer products?:

  1. Beautycounter's Holiday Gift Sets When it comes to clean beauty & skincare, Beautycounter is hands-down my fave. I'm loving this year's gift sets --great for gifting to one lucky person, or breaking up into multiple gifts for friends & fam. My favorites this year are the Beyond Bright Minis, The Best in Clean Heros & the Multi-Masker Set. I would seriously LOVE if someone gifted me these! Snag this deals through 11/28: -20% off site-wide (some restrictions apply) -30% off orders of $250 -Free shipping on orders of $50+ Shop Beautycounter

  2. The Always Pan from Our Place Do you know how safe your cookware is? One of my absolute favorite things in my kitchen is my Always Pan. I use it daily & love knowing that I'm supporting mine & my family's health. Up to 30% off Site-wide through 11/28! Get yours here

  3. Voluspa Holiday Candles The levels of pollutants inside of our homes can be up to 5x higher than outdoors! Cleaning products, air fresheners and candles all impact the air we breathe, so it's super important to buy safter products for the home (especially for your gut & hormone health!) Voluspa candles don't only smell incredible, they're non-harmful and free of any phthalates, parabens, sulfates, and other scary ingredients that you don't want to burn in your own home. Right now get free shipping & a free sample on orders $50+! Shop Voluspa

Menstrual & Vulvovaginal Care:

  1. Momotaro Apotheca Got the little monthly itch or funky smell going on down there? I can't tell you how freaking incredible the TONIC by Momotaro Apotheca is for this! Add a few droppers of it to your bath and TA-DA! You'll feel like a million bucks again. All of their products are plant based &support your body's natural ability to heal from issues stemming from yeast infections, BV, & pH imbalance. Use code ADIOSCANDIDA for a discount! Shop Momotaro Apotheca

  2. Saalt Period Underwear Oh my god these have been such a lifesaver! Why did I wait so long to start using period underwear!? Not only are Saalt's THE MOST COMFORTABLE & buttery soft undies, but they're incredibly effective, cute, and seamless with your day-to-day clothing. I've bought a few now to keep on rotation during that time of the month and I highly recommend them! Try Saalt

Stress, Sleep, & Immune support:

  1. Ned CBD You all know by now how much I love Ned. I could make my whole wish list just from this company. A few of my favorite highlights to try: -The sleep blend is my go-to -Mello Magnesium blend is A+ -The brand new Shuteye Chai (just tried this myself and it was one of the best nights of sleep I've had in a long time!) Use code ADIOSCANDIDA for 15% off! Shop Ned

  2. GutPersonal's The Miracle Worker The Miracle Worker is just what it's name says! It gets you regular so you have great poops. It also seriously improves the gut-brain connections so you sleep better, stress less, and have healthier mental wellness. Try The Miracle Worker

  3. Owl Venice Reset While the 4 day reset from Owl Venice support gut health, it's also SO GOOD for overall immune support & lowering inflammation in the body. I do the reset myself a few times a year and I always feels refreshed afterwards. What a super gift to someone you love, or even to do with them after the holidays! I'm also a fan of their entire shop --they have great products to support liver & digestive health, and their YEAST BUTTER tincture is incredible for fighting candida too. Use code SHANNON10 for 10% off! Get your Reset


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