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Why I Became a Health Coach

(Plus exclusive discounts below!)

After suffering from 3+ years of a chronic cycle of yeast infections, BV and lichen sclerosis, I became fed up with taking pills and using topical ointments to only end back up at the doctors office again the following month. I finally took matters into my own hands. I believed there must be some other root cause to my issues. After talking with a friend who had healed herself from similar issues through diet, I decided to dive head-first into a candida diet and major lifestyle change.

That’s when everything changed

When I started the diet, I started a little anonymous instagram account called @adios_candida to hold myself accountable and hopefully meet some other ladies who were struggling too. The next few months completely changed me — not only had I healed myself and stopped the cycle of infections, but I’d also made valuable connections online and saw firsthand how few people actually understand the connection between their diet, gut health and issues like chronic yeast infections.

I struggled at first with the instagram account — did I really want to be known as the “yeast infection girl” online? At first I kept my account private and hidden from anyone in my real life who might find me. I wasn’t ready yet for the world (and especially those who actually knew me) to know my full story. I had spent years covering up my issues, hiding behind shameful stigma, acting like everything was OK, when really I was NOT OK.

But after some time I saw more and more people gravitate toward me, my story, and the advice I was passing along to help others who were struggling like I had. I began getting daily messages from people –just like me– who were searching for answers and someone else who might understand. Being a resource for them was truly the most rewarding feeling, and it helped me to slowly lift the facade and share my own story with pride.

About 6 months into my lifestyle change I was soul-searching (and internet searching) for how I could help more people. I believed that if I could help more people learn that simply changing your diet can essentially ERASE years of chronic pain and eliminate the need for nearly monthly doctor visits, then I needed to do what I could to help get that message out. I wanted to learn as much as I could, and to also add some credibility to my message.

That’s when I found IIN

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition‘s mission is to “play a crucial role in improving health and happiness, and through that process, create a ripple effect that transforms the world.” This felt so deeply aligned with my own values.

But I didn’t jump right away… I debated and over-analyzed if the investment was “worth it.” I put it on the back burner for a moment, ended up getting pregnant, and after I had my baby, almost an entire year later while home on maternity leave, I felt that same nagging feeling I’d felt before — the overwhelming desire to make a big CHANGE. To change my life, change my 9-5 job, and most importantly to change others’ lives. My WHY was all of a sudden so much clearer after the birth of my daughter. No more waiting. I had to act now.

Are you passionate about health & wellness?

Have you been searching for a career that makes you feel fulfilled and inspired? Want to be more in control of your schedule and finances? Do you love helping people make meaningful connections and transform their lives? All of these were true for me.

I finally took the leap in February of 2018. I can tell you now, an entire year later, that if you are considering, debating, or over-analyzing like I did — STOP! This investment I made in my health and the health of my family and friends was worth it on its own, but if you add the investment I made in my personal growth and career development to that as well, this is hands down the best choice I’ve ever made. From listening to the very first lectures, I knew this was right where I was supposed to be. Every single week for the last year I’ve heard incredible, eye opening lectures from leading voices in integrative medicine and nutrition, and learned about the importance that both primary and secondary foods play in our lives. I am still kicking myself that I didn’t jump on this an entire year earlier, and am happy that I finally listened to that nagging intuition and invested in my future.

So what exactly is the program?

IIN’s Health Coach Training Program is a one-year online program, split into 40 modules. You learn it all remotely, on your own time. I began school while on maternity leave caring for a newborn, and then once I was back to working a full-time job. It was tough to always fit the lectures in every week, but I somehow always managed to do it. A major perk of this program is that you are allowed (and encouraged!) to begin coaching clients halfway through the program. This is not only is a great way to help make your investment back before you even finish school, but it provides you with amazing hands-on experience while you’re still learning.

Your IIN education will empower you to transform your own health and happiness, and help you to launch a fulfilling new career!

Not sure you want to be a one-on-one coach? The school also teaches you how run group programs and workshops. It empowers you to lobby for food safety, or to work in schools or corporate settings. Some folks have gone on to write their own wellness books or launch their own health food companies. (My fav granola @purely_elizabeth is an alum!). The possibilities are endless. This is not a traditional nutrition program. While you definitely learn all the basics of nutrition and over 100 dietary theories, you also learn about the role that relationships, spirituality, career, finances and other “primary food” sources in our lives play in our nutrition and overall health.

What do you study?

In addition to the nutrition information, you’ll learn invaluable business skills and receive key coaching training. There’s even a group coaching element near the end of the program with a seasoned coach, which allows you to gain practical experience along with your classmates. You learn about Bio-individuality, super foods, hormone health, organic vs non-organic, gut health, government policies, financial health, understanding cravings, autoimmune disorders, genetics, emotional eating and more. And you learn from world class teachers. Try a free sample class!

When should you join?

The sooner the better! On March 1, 2020, IIN’s tuition will increase by $800. This is their first tuition increase in years. If you enroll before March 1, you can save $800!

Now what about that discount?

In addition to saving $800 before the increase, if you enroll before Jan 31, 2020 you will get $1500 off the current tuition rate (this is the same amazing deal that I jumped on a year ago!).

If you enroll and mention my name as your referrer, I’ll also give you a free copy of my Candida Diet Survival Guide!

Ready to start?

Call (844) 780-3300 (US) 212-730-5433 (International) to speak with an admissions adviser, or email to schedule an appointment with someone on their team – they’ll help answer all your questions!

Make sure to mention that Shannon Rubenstone was your referrer to get your special discount!

Have more questions about IIN? Shoot me a message or a DM me on Instagram. I’m so passionate about IIN and the new life that it’s given me. I can’t wait to help you get started, too!


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